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3 ways to reclaim your power from others by cutting Etheric cords.

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

What is an etheric cord? How does it get created? How do you remove them? Why is it in your best interest to remove the attachments (cords) that no longer serve our greater good.

We are all spiritual beings made of energy and as such we create attachment with one and other. When you connect with someone on the heart level and or sexual level we create this energy exchange (cords) with each other... this could be from places to situation to beliefs, loved one like our parents and sibling to all your sexual partners.

Now there are the almost automatic cords that form with our parents and siblings but here is the tricky part anyone that you engage your heart and soul with may create this attachment.. close friends and well of course lovers.

Lets discuss the overrated word SEX did you know that sex stands for Sacred Energy Exchange so those one nights stands that you cant remember their names, you might be taking energy from somebody deranged be careful better find someone who is special who will bless and accept you never disrespect suppress or expect you to be something that your not.

Did you know that these cords can be tied to you for an estimated 7 years? Ever randomly think of an ex and wonder where that thought was coming from ? well if we are connected to that person sexually then rest assure the other person you are thinking about is experiencing exotic feelings at that moment (possibly with another women) and your feeling their energy. Do you want to stay tied to that energy? No you do not!! so lets gets started and cut these cords! once and for all!!!! After all you deserve love.

First way to cut the cords is to stand up and and close your eyes, envision cords going from your body to the person you would like to cut cords with. These cords are attached to your heart and your head and you sexuality. You can visualize all these cords and either physically use your arm as though your using a sword and cutting the cords or you can use a scissor fashion with your fingers. Asking all the arch angels Michael to assist you in cutting these cords this beautiful angel is right there with you and his sword is powerful and he will cut the cords. take a deep breath and open your eyes. If you did this right you should feel tingling on your root chakra and you head and heart.

Second way to cut cords is to take a spiritual bath (see blog) and while your in the bath you would proceed with the same intention .. i think its important to note that the physical movement of cutting the cords is so overwhelmingly helpful in this process.

Third way is to get into a meditative state (see blog) laying down if preferred and ask all your guardian Angels to come assist and use a guided meditation if needed. You will ask them to take the power back from these individual and that you are giving them their power back. I want you to know that this is happening and see the energies release from your entire body. keep repeating GIVE ME MY POWER BACK!

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