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3 Ways to Meditate

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

The art of meditation is the most beneficial thing you can do for your body mind and soul!

This grounding exercise is where you take a few minutes each day to quiet your mind, as you quiet your mind you allow all the resistance you have to release!. This allows you to relax and rise to a higher vibration.

Although there are many ways that you can get yourself to a meditative state I have decided to share the 3 I found were the easiest for me, however it may very well guide you towards your perfect match.

1- The Shower, Why you ask? well in order to quiet your mind its easier if there is a (white noise) the water running in the back allows you to concentrate on this sound to block any other thoughts.

You can say let the thought I have wash away. Let the water run over your head, slowly tilt your head back so the water runs down your neck and back.

You can add an intention at this point example is saying something like "please wash away all the pain and sorrow or stress and anxiety I feel" and let the water wash it away.

2-Guided meditation on YouTube, This method allows you to clear your thoughts and simply listen to the voice in the recording. The video will instruct you on how to lay down and make yourself comfortable, they may teach you to breath 4 sec. in and 4 sec out ect...This allows you to meditate on a specific subject, for instance if at this moment I feel like I need to release from overthinking I would search on you tube for " guided meditation to help an overthinking mind'. There is truly an amazing variety, you can hand pick the best voice and the best rhythm that speaks to your inner being.

3-Quiet meditation. This method may be more difficult for beginners, however the trick I found was to sit or lay in a quiet room. Start your breathing slowly in as you do imagine the air being the light of life, when exhale imagine dark smoke as you are releasing your negative emotions and energy.

Begin to imagine creating a cord from your body (root chakra) and imagine this cord reaches all the way to the roots of the earth, you are grounded there safe. Listen to your thoughts.. they may be racing with a multitude of thoughts and images at once, begin to tell yourself no thoughts. no thoughts. no thoughts .

Once a thoughts come up imagine its going down this cord you have created, give this thought to the earth so it can be recycled by mother earth. Repeat this process until you have no thoughts.

Once you've reach this place of having no thought it will change your life and your spirit will thank you. Please note that this "no thought" place may only be for a few second at first but don't discourage the more you practice the longer it will be. One day you will be able to work your way up to 2 to 5 min of no thoughts a day.

The most important part of mediation is to be in the moment of right now. No thoughts of the past nor of the future. Think of your physical body and your spiritual body, think of your breathing and how it allows you to live. We need to take more time to appreciate ourselves and self care.

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