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How to create the perfect Spiritual Bath.

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Why should you take a spiritual bath? What can a spiritual bath help you with?

A spiritual bath is used to cleanse your Ora from any negativity and bitterness, stress and also any energy you may have taken on from your past lovers. This will allow to clear these energies and give you your power back!

I strongly suggest in my personal opinion that if you have a broken heart this bath will allow you to cut the etheric cords to allow you to take your power back ( see blog :3 ways to cut etheric cords) help release the pain this is causing and change it to a feeling of safety.

Lets begin !!! First I cannot stress enough about having the intention behind your spiritual bath either to heal or cut etheric cords or simply to balance your Chakra, I want you to feel and know that this is going to make your feel amazingly light, comfortable and stress free. Now lets prep the washroom, first de-clutter your washroom to the best of your ability anything that does not serve the purpose of this b

ath . Remember this is not a bath to wash in so I suggest you take a quick shower before you start.

Next we need to clean the washroom take some warm water and sea salt and wash the walls and bath and sink with it wipe down anything you see dirty. Cleaning is a very important part because it allows you to focus on your intention while you clean I also chant something like spirits guardian angels please assist me in cleansing this room for the purpose of my Spiritual cleansing, then thank them.

Place several candles around your bath and crystals run the water and pour in 1 cup of Sea salt with the intention of your bath always in mind then add any of the bellow ingredients you feel call out to you. if you like add some meditation music that you like or even a guided mediation to assist you with your intention. (YouTube as so many amazing ones)

As you lay in the bath think of what it is you need at this moment ei; healing and release all your fears and anxiety give it to the universe and ask that they give you back love and light you may want to include a lot of long breaths. By the way if you start crying its normal let yourself sob it feels good to release those emotions let yourself feel.

This bath should last 20 min max. Once you get out of the bath Air dry do not use a towel.

Know that if you take a bath like this your already on the path towards healing so Congratulation you deserve to be happy.

Spiritual Bath Ingredients you can chose based on your needs:

  1. Rose Water or Florida Water (3 drops)

  2. Sea Salt (1 cup)

  3. Lavender Essential oil (3 drops)

  4. Candles ( white or black)

  5. Smudging (Sweet Grass, White Sage, Palo Santo Wood)

  6. Crystals

  7. Rose petals

  8. Baking Soda (1/2 cup)

  9. Rosemary

  10. Warm Milk

  11. Cinnamon

  12. Honey

and so many more........

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