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Experience the captivating essence of the Divine Masculine candle, a truly exquisite creation. Carefully handcrafted with 100% certified pure raw and natural ingredients, this remarkable candle combines the purity of Triple filtered cosmetic grade premium organic Beeswax and Soy wax. Infused with the warm and soothing fragrance of 100% pure Sandal Wood essential oil, it envelops your space in a sense of tranquility and masculine energy. Whether used for rituals, home decorations, or simply to enjoy its delightful aroma, this candle is a versatile companion for creating a serene atmosphere. With dimensions measuring 11cm by 5cm, it offers a substantial burn time and serves as a visually appealing centerpiece. In addition, it has been thoughtfully crafted to be hypoallergenic, ensuring a gentle and comforting experience for all.

Divine Masculine Gold Leaf

SKU: 009985
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